Mike Gaffney has been performing for over a decade. He has appeared The Artie Lange Show on Direct TV, he was on the first season of Gotham Comedy Live on AXS TV and was a semi-finalist on season 8 of Last Comic Standing on NBC. Executive Producer Wanda Sykes was so impressed with Mike, she used his clip to promote Last Comic Standing on the Ellen Show on NBC as well as The View on ABC. He has had rave reviews in both the Examiner and Reality Rewind:

Mike Gaffney –This guy is so good! His delivery is amazing and his jokes were excellent. He told his life and I loved hearing about it and he was spot-on! Keenan said he loved it and it was a great set. Russell said it was a great set and he has a fresh take on raising them. Roseanne said he was getting pissed off and she was relating and she loved it.” -Todd Betzold.

Whether he is talking about being a single father, or clean living; his show appeals to audiences of all ages.

This is a short clip of me and judge Roseanne on Last Comic Standing Season 8.

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    • Thanks so much Kristin!!! Hope u guys didn’t lose to much on Wheel of Fortune after the show. Thanks again for the love.

  1. Saw Mike at Brad Garretts comedy club in Vegas tonight, we all LOVED him. Great comedy, thank you for the laughs.

    ND girls.

  2. Hi just wanted to tell I truly enjoy your show last night at the Stress Factory. You were so funny , my group of 15 loved you .Please send me your schedule we would love to see you again. thanks Kathy

    • Thank you so much.. There is a calendar here on the site, I’ve also sent you an email. Thanks again for the comedy love

  3. Mike,

    Where can I find a video of the rest of this spot from Last Comic Standing?

    I rewound that over and over again, showed all my friends and family and laughed from my soul every time. I thought I saved it but can’t find it on my DVR any longer.

    My wife and I were just talking about how our boys went stupid over night. We call it “puberty brain”. Our girls aren’t teenagers yet but they act that way anyway.

    Even just this week, one of my boys did something that made no sense at all and looked at me questioningly. I stared at him for a moment then said, “That flip flop ain’t broken dad!” Then he laughed and said, “Gonna ebay left flip flop?”

    I’d love to have that entire clip. Do you have it hiding somewhere? 🙂 I find myself saying that so much lately that having it to play from my phone would be very convenient. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Ryan.. I have sent you a personal Email answering your questions.. I am very happy that you and the family can watch my comedy and make fun of each other with the jokes.. This made my day.

  4. Enjoyed your set SO MUCH TONIGHT in Bethlehem !!! So happy to see you with Kathleen Madigan , you guys make a great team !!

    • Thank you so much Lori!!! Sands has to be close to one of the best shows I’ve done with guys rocked. Thanks you so much for reaching out with the comedy love

  5. Hey Mike:

    Are you still doing your podcast? I was hoping to get
    your email address so I could submit some material on a comic I represent.


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